Ascot Limousine Services Limited
Welcome to Ascot Limousine Services's Room Selector.

The information that you provide to this Utility can help you find Accommodations that best suit your needs.
You will be prompted to focus your search using
  • a City
  • a Date range
  • an Accommodation type (if applicable)
  • and a Room Type (optional)
You may then indicate which Amenities you desire in your Accommodation decision.

The resulting Accommodations will appear in a customizable display, ranked initially by a "score" based on your requested Amenities, but also sortable by Price, Property, and Room Type.
You will find a breakdown of the Amentity details and information about the displayed Rooms.
Finally, before you proceed to make a Reservation at your selected Accommodation, you may "Bookmark" the Rooms that most interest you, and they will be highlighted in the Reservation process.